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The Island

The Island of Pico is the second biggest island of the Archipelago of the Azores, it has an area of 447 Km2 and measures 42 Km of length and 15 km of width. Its about 15 Km of the island of S. Jorge and 8 Km of the Island of the Faial. The majestical mountain of Pico that give the name to this island is highest of Portugal, with an altitude of 2351 m. 

The beginning of the colonization was in 1460, in the Lajes do Pico. 

Currently it has a resident population of 20 000 inhabitants. 

Pico is known by the strong whale hunting traditions and the famous wine "Verdelho". The vineyards landscape of Pico are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. 

Places to visit in Pico: 

- The mountain of Pico. Before anything else its wise to take a guide who knows the tracks of the mountain. As place for the beginning of the climbing we suggest the place of Furnas, when arriving at the top you will be able to observe the central group islands. 

- Whaling Museum. Situated in the Lajes of Pico, it possess pieces in bone and tooth of whale, all the utensils used in the hunting of the whale, and even a whaleboat. 

- Adega Cooperativa (Wine Cellar Cooperative). Here the famous wine Verdelho is produced. You will gratuitously receive a sample of Lajido, classified as VLQPRD - ( Quality Liqueur Wine Produced in a Specific Region). 

- The Caves of Frei Matias, of Silveira and of Montanheiros, for speleology lovers. 

- Natural Forest Reserves of the Lagoa do Caiado, Caveiro and Mistério da Prainha, for nature lovers. 

- Arcos do Cachorro, magnificent geological formations, where the lava flow is perforated by several tunnels and grottoes where the sea passes through.